The text-justify property determines what type of alignment should be applied to text when text-align: justify; applied to the element.


text-justify: auto | none | inter-word | distribute 

auto - The browser chooses the best alignment type for the current situation based on the balance between performance and quality, and what is more appropriate for the language of the text (eg English, kanji, etc.). It is used by default if text-justify is not set.

none - Text alignment is disabled. It has the same effect as not applying the text-align property, although it is useful if you want to turn alignment on and off.

inter-word - Align text by adding spaces between words, which is most suitable for languages that use spaces to separate words, such as English or Korean.

distribute - Justification adjusts the spacing between each pair of adjacent characters (actually changing the spacing used between letters in a string). This meaning is sometimes used in Japanese.